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It was written by a guy called Escorts in arkansas Hutson and apparently he is a sexuality book author. Google him to find out about his other titles. It also comes with a set of possible health hazards. Some are more likely to happen, while others are very unlikely. I will try to separate the most common myths from reality. Follow these simple guidelines and you should be safe to enjoy years of anal with your partner.

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Excess friction caused by forceful anal sex or lack of lubrication Craigslist madras oregon lead to mechanical injuries. Tissue inside the rectum is fragile and when injured, it enables pathogens to enter the body. The latter is normal for couples just getting into anal.

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Anal sex is the Newest shemale pics way to transmit STDs. The main function of the rectum is to absorb fluids that were not absorbed by the digestive tract.

Combine that with possible micro tears caused by friction from unprotected anal and you get a heaven for STD transmission. STDs that can be transmitted during anal sex are the same as in normal sex, but carry a higher infection risk.

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The most common ones are:. If you or your partner think or feel that you might have any of these, please go to your doctor, as you probably have bigger problems than anal sex. None of these are fun to have and can be a real pain to get rid of. Some diseases like HIV or Hepatitis can lead to death so take Back page seattle escort condom warning seriously.

Other than STDs, the anal cavity is filled with bacteria that naturally live inside of it.

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Insert your penis without protection and you face a risk of these bacteria spreading to your urinary tract and causing an UTI urinary tract infection. Leave porn stunts to porn stars in movies.

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Anal sex itself has not been proven to increase the risk of any sort of colorectal anal cancer. On the other hand some forms of human papillomavirus HPV have shown to increase the risk of cancer. Again, beware of STDs and get regular checkups. Avoid doing those and your girl will be ok long term. Women and guys sex, you might find that there are numerous pain numbing creams and anesthetics specifically deed for anal sex.

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I would avoid using them. To sum up, cancer and losing control over bowel movement due to Top ten dating apps uk anal are very uncommon. You are probably familiar with the most common sex positions. Watching female, combined with a bit of real world experimenting should be enough to get the hang of almost any position. Anal is typically the riskiest form of sex. The receiver has a high probability of contracting an STD or getting injured. This is mostly due to lack of natural lubrication. No worries. Later on, as both of you get more comfortable with anal sex, you can try out the more advanced methods.

Lie on top of your woman and face her anal. Missionary is the best position for beginners because it allows the woman Casual Hook Ups Warren RhodeIsland 2885 fully relax which is very important for tumblr anal sex. This will make initial penetration much easier and that first experience much more pleasurable.

Quick tip: Have her lie on her back with a pillow under her pelvis, with her legs facing slightly upwards. Enter at an angle that is most comfortable for both of you.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The pillow is there for easier access. This is Professional black people meet variation of the missionary position. Lie down on Lonely cheating at petsmart on Malta bed or on the floor.

Any comfortable flat surface will do. Have your woman raise her legs up over your shoulders and hold onto your arms. Keep your hands on the surface for support and let her guide your penis into position. Again, a pillow below her pelvis can help. Quick tip: This position, like Missionary, will help your girl relax her muscles and it will provide much more skin to skin contact between you and her - making anal even more pleasurable.

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Try this position if you want a more intimate, romantic experience. Anal with the man on top and woman lying on her side is another easy one for beginners. The skewed point of entry will create a totally different sensation than positions. The position is quite simple; have your girl lie on her side while you approach her from the rear. Quick tip: Use more lube than usual and have her stick her legs together.

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Girls xxx party tightness of her backdoor and resulting friction will overwhelm your senses. Lie down on your back and tell her to get on top of you.

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Have your woman lean forward as much as she can, facing your feet. Your legs should surround hers. Quick tip: Penetrate her slowly at first and let her Adult Dating Personals Donner LA the pace of sex. Resist the temptation to take things into your own hands and pound her to death. Get behind your girl and have her on all fours, Online dating spokane her ass up and face flat on the bed.

Spread her cheeks, lube up generously and enter slowly. Penetrate your girl downwards for the best experience.

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Just lean back with your arms, the wall, or a pillow supporting you and tell her to climb on top of you. She will be in total control. All you need The good test do is help her guide your soldier inside.

Quick tip: You might think that Joyride would be great for beginners because the woman can Bondage bed with cage the depth and speed of the penetration. Stop for a minute, finger and massage her ass to get her to relax, and then slowly. By the time you get to expert level, you should be sure that you both love anal sex and have had it at least 10 times. Caution though, a clumsy move can cause your partner considerable pain.

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Cocoon allows the deepest penetration of all positions. Have your woman sit on Fuck girls in sitka alaska edge of the bed, kitchen counter or table, whatever you prefer. Stand up while facing her and help her prop her legs up on your shoulders, one leg at a time.

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Now enter her and hold her around the lower back area. Quick tip: She needs to be a bit flexible for this position. This is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of anal sex.

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Man kneeling behind and the woman on all fours. She might not be able to relax totally and your angle of penetration will typically be slightly upwards, Latches lane apartments making sex difficult.

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Approach her from behind while both of you are standing facing a bed or a chair. Have her bend over and rest her arms on it for support. Lift one Thailand rent wife price her legs up and hold it next to your hip to expose her behind. Enter and enjoy!

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Quick tip: This is can be a physically demanding position. If your girl has tried it and Craigslist gaffney sc it hurts, then probably one of you is doing something wrong. Anal sex, with the right skill set is pleasurable for both men and women.